Welcome Marcy Peake, Travis Cree and Steve Hessen to the Boys & Girls Club Board!

Marcy Peake

“Although I started my board service in January 2017, I have had a lengthy relationship with the Club.  I was a member when I was a kid and as a professional, I have provided cultural awareness training to Club staff, facilitated the Club’s Institute for New Leadership Program, and created the Boys and Girls Club Summer Slide Prevention Pilot Program during summer 2014 (the latter two projects were done in collaboration with Bob and Club Staff).  I have also participated in other events like serving as a judge for Youth of the Year, donor letter signing, Teaming Up For Kids, and Fun Day.  

I was recently honored to be asked to serve the Club in a new capacity by joining the board.  I am drawn to the Club because the Club is a non-profit agency that actually walks the talk and consistently strives to do what is in the best interest of the young people and their families.  I have observed this commitment in various capacities; as a former Club member, as a former KPS Behavior Specialist who witnessed the impact of the Club for my students who were members, as a donor, as a youth advocate, as a volunteer, as a consultant, and now as a board member!”

Travis Cree

“I’m married to my wife Kelly and we have a 6-year-old Goldendoodle named Barley. I work at Zoetis in Veterinary Medicine R&D as a biometrician and have worked there (along with legacy Pfizer) for going on 6 years. I enjoy golf and craft beer, along with networking and community involvement. I currently sit on the United Way Board, along with being the Vice Chair of the Aspiring Leaders United Council affinity group of United Way, a member of the Vicksburg United Way Committee, the United Way Kalamazoo Campaign Cabinet, Chair the Zoetis VMRD Philanthropy Committee, Southwest Michigan First’s Council of 100, Chair the Kalamazoo County Ready 4s Public Relations Committee, and at my Alma Mater, Grand Valley State University, I sit on the Liaison Committee of the Alumni Association Board, the Alumni Champions Committee, and the Biostatistics Industry Board.

I chose the Boys & Girls Club Board because I want to support those who are providing resources and experiences to individuals who wouldn’t have had that opportunity otherwise. My goals during my tenure on the Board include fostering relationships between the Club and other nonprofits where overlaps and/or redundancies occur, helping update systems and processes to be as efficient as possible, and connecting with youth who will be first-generation college students. We are lucky in this community to have lots of our youth eligible to benefit from the Kalamazoo Promise, but we as a community need to make sure they’re ready to succeed at that next level or the opportunity will pass them by.”

Steve Hessen

Steve grew up in East Detroit and attended CMU and Wayne State Law School. He moved to Kalamazoo in 1988 and joined the Kreis Enderle law firm. He has three children located around the country. His oldest daughter lives in Kalamazoo. His son lives in Denver. His youngest daughter lives in Los Angeles.

Steve feels blessed that he grew up in a supportive, comfortable, and safe environment. He volunteers for youth organizations because assisting children can help give back some of the benefits he experienced growing up.





Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kalamazoo
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