Family Support Services

The Family Support Program at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kalamazoo has connected families to various resources throughout the community. Many families have made social connections with each other, and have described the program as being very beneficial to their everyday lives.

The Family Support Program offers many different workshops, including a partnership with Kalamazoo Public Schools Lift Up Through Literacy program. Many families have participated in the program multiple times, and have said that they have noticed a huge difference in their child’s literacy skills. The Family Support Program has also offered cooking and nutrition classes. One mom who always dined out now enjoys cooking meals for her family because of the skills and recipes she learned during the program.

The Guiding Principles of the Family Support Program:

• Families have primary responsibility for their children’s development and well-being.
• Healthy families are the foundation of a healthy society.
• Families operate as part of a total system.

The Family Support Program offers 4-10 week long educational workshops. These programs will vary based on the needs of the community, and the availability of resources. All workshops will have a snack or meal, as well as childcare. The Club’s Family Support Program is offered free of charge to all parents and guardians, regardless if they have a child who is a member of the Boys & Girls Club.

The Family Support Program also offers assistance with job searches, resume building, accessing community resources, and other various needs your family may need.

The Family Support Program will keep community members updated on current events and/or other happenings that are relevant to family life through monthly brochures and emails. The Club will host “Family Fun Nights” where participants can enjoy an evening of fun with their family members and peers. Event dates to be announced.

In addition to these workshops, the Family Support Program partners Kalamazoo Public Schools and the Lift Up Through Literacy program to offer classes on early childhood literacy.

For more information, please call 269-349-4485.