Participating Arts

“I like Music Makers on the computer. You can make your own songs, then sing and dance along with the songs.”

-Savanna, Age 7

“They took art out of my kids’ school. They can still do art at the Boys & Girls Clubs”

-Sue R., Parent

The Club recognizes the importance of the arts in the overall education and development of members as people and the arts program is an important part of the Kalamazoo Club experience.  The arts encourage creativity, focus, the importance of practice, and helps young people see the beauty in the world around them. The Boys & Girls Clubs’, Participating Arts program delivers a great number of art activities that offers children the opportunity to learn new art forms and various artistic skills where members have a place where they can paint, sing, sculpt and dance.


Arts Room
Available daily to members of all ages, the arts room is the creative hub of the Club.

Fine Arts Exhibit Program
Club members of all ages contribute to an annual exhibit at the Raddison in Downtown Kalamazoo. Local winners may advance to regional, state and national competitions.

Drama Club
Introducing members to the basics of theater, the Drama Club transforms creative energy into thoughtful performances.

Digital Arts Suite
A modern approach to art enjoyed by Club members of all ages. The digital arts courseware consists of more than five design and editing programs that allow members to redefine art in a tech savvy way.

Jewelry Club
In addition to designing and creating wearable art, youth learn the basics of entrepreneurship.

Summer Arts Academy
The Summer Arts Academy is offered to students ages 6 -12 of all abilities, Monday – Friday from 9 a.m.–1 p.m. from June 17 through August 16.