On May 23rd, 65 of our 97 chefs participated in the first chef networking event. All chefs were photographed for the website in a 100 Men Who Cook chef apron and hat! Props were available and after some warming up – many of our chefs jumped right in! Things got a little wacky with Club CEO, Chris Harris-Wimsatt; Old National Bank Regional President, Phil Harbert; and Former Club CEO and Legend, Bob Ezelle! 


Phil Harbert spoke and thanked everyone for their commitment to the event highlighting the impact it has on the local community and youth. Chris Harris-Wimsatt spoke about the mission of the Club connecting the dots with his own incredible story and experiences with the Boys & Girls Club.

Joe Kiser, Old National Community Relations Manager and 100 Men Who Cook Event Coordinator (and most importantly Comedian), finished out the evening with a logistics program about “a day in the life of a chef” at our event.

Each chef has a goal to raise $1,000, and is accepting these “tips” on the chef page on the event website.  

We want to thank the WMU Bernhard Center for their tremendous support – they are supplying EVERYTHING needed for our chefs to serve their dishes!

Please join us for a night of fun on August 12th!

For more information, visit the 100 Men Who Cook website.


A Hole in One of a Field Trip!

Gull Lake View Golf & Resort welcomed members of the Lake Street and Northeastern Unit Torch Club to experience everything the golfer will experience during the 27th Annual Boys & Girls Club Golf Outing. The members were treated like royalty from the moment they arrived at the golf course. They were able to check-in to the Villas that over look the East Course, drive golf carts, and receive golf lessons from a professional. Not to mention, they were all featured in the course’s web video series, “Hole of the Week”.  

During the golf lesson, the Club members realized how difficult the game of golf is. One member said, “I never thought this would be as hard as it is!” But the pro reminded the youth that through hard work and patience, golf gets easier. By the time the lesson was coming to a close, the youth kept wanting one more time to practice. Who knows, maybe the Club will have some competitive golfers in its future!

As the Club members continued to tour the West Course, all the youth talked about how much fun they were having. The Club members weren’t the only people enjoying their time out on the course either. The golf course staff were all smiles as well. Instead of the normal clientele, the course staff got to hang out with a group of excited youth who were ready to learn something new. It would seem as though both of these groups were out of their comfort zone, but that wasn’t the case. Both the course staff and the youth were laughing along side each other and exchanging high fives. 

Toward the end of the field trip, the course staff discussed the positive impact that the golf course has on the community, though it might not seem like it to the general public. In Torch Club, members learn the importance of having strong character, leadership, and the power of community engagement and involvement. By breaking down the impact that Gull Lake View Golf & Resort have by employing over 200 people, holding charity golf outings and more, helped the Torch Club members understand that caring for one’s community is a life long commitment. By learning good citizenship early in life, it makes for a positive future for the community around us. Thanks again Gull Lake View Golf & Resort for providing an out of the box field trip for our youth!